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A few minutes of your time


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Hi all


I wonder if the lovely people in the Blue Room would be kind enough to lend me just a few minutes of your time to take a questionnaire. I can promise it will not take you long and should take you less than 5 minutes.


Please note this questionnaire is aimed at those in companies in the lighting sector with some responsibility for decision making.


(Sorry but a lot of students answering will spoil the data)


Please click here to take the questionnaire.


Thank you in advance and I can promise that if current ventures are successful you will all get a pint for your time at Plasa (or some other time).


All information acquired will be kept in the strictest confidence and no data will be disclosed to anyone outside the companies involved. This will not sign you up to any lists and you will not get any sales calls etc.




Edited to fix the link thank you to those who pointed out this mistake, my fault for pasting the link and being lazy...

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Just to answer a few question I have been sent through the questionnaire:



Poorly disguised marketing deleted.


If you have any other questions please feel free to ask and I would be happy to answer.


A big thank you to all those who have already answered and to all those who I'm sure still will.



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