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CIE Audio Voice store and Cloud CX163


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Hi guys,


This is a very unlikely one but I just wondered if anyone has any knowledge of these units...


Essential the CIE Audio store is a voice recorder, which records and plays back an announcement when triggered by our fire alarm system.

It sends a signal down ethernet to an A&H iDR8 unit, and this switches to evacuate mode with no problems. However, it also sends a signal to a pair of Cloud CX163 units - these have a simple relay in which cuts music going through the system whenever it receives a signal from the CIE Audio store unit.


These units are not muting whenever I test the system. Now either the CIE audio voice store doesn't send a mute signal when testing, only on real activation, or its not sending a signal at all.


Any ideas? I have emailed the company requesting the manual for the voice unit as it doesn't seem too common, but otherwise we'll have to get a service engineer out.





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When you say the CIE sends a mute 'signal' what exactly is it sending?


I'm not familiar the CIE unit but the fire alarm mute facility on Cloud units don't take a 'signal' as such they require a connection between the two mute terminals. This is usually achieved with a switch or relay, there is then a jumper inside to configure whether these connnections are NC (Normally Closed - Unit mutes when there is no connection between the two terminals) or NO (Normally Open - Unit mutes when there is a connection between the mute terminals).

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Thought I would just finish this off in case anyone looks it up in the future. I hadn't quite clocked the fact that the 12v signal comes from the fire alarm controller, and not the voice store, and as such, whilst hitting "Test" on the voice store will test that, the Clouds and their 12v signal is completely unrelated to the voice store. Felt a bit daft when I realised! I had it in my head that the Voice Store had an active buffer for the signal to the clouds.


Now got a test for these booked in with the buildings manager. <_<

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