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Showtec LED par Fault

Chris Adam

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I've got a bunch of Showtec LED pars that I chuck out on low budget gigs, or use them for specials here there and everywhere. However, I've got one that has all of the Red LEDS stuck on, at around 60%. All of the others work fine, and the reds fade up to 100% but not below 60% (ish)

For those unfamiliar with how cheap these things actually are, the yoke is held onto the inside of the can via one Nylock nut. On this can, it had come off (yeah, I'm not sure how either) and was rattling around against the PCB.


So, is there any solutions? There's nothing obvious on the PCB. I'm stumped. I don't want to just chuck it in the bin as that's not good for the ice caps etc.

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Does this occur via DMX, standalone or both?


I've just had one unit, with a dicky DIP switch...No.10... so the unit was stuck in DMX mode even with DIP 10 ON (which should have put it in standalone).


If your problem only occurs when it's not being controlled by DMX then perhaps, DIP 2 is dodgy ? If it was stuck ON then Red would be on 50%. Obviously if this was the case, then you would notice addressing problems with DMX.


Just something else to try...





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