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Has anyone got a template for a timesheet?


All the ones I can find online aren't really workable for theatre.


What sort of thing are you after? Ours is an excel spreadsheet with columns for in-out-in-out each day. One day per row. The sheet calculates total hours each day, and if you enter a figure as 'normal working day' it keeps a running tally of whether you are 'up' or 'down' on your hours. It is a workbook of 13 sheets, each one a 4-week period making up a complete year. Running totals etc carry from one sheet to the next.


If thats any use I could send you a copy but it'll be later on when I'm back in the office.



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My formula for timesheets is much the same as TMH's




C1 = In time 1

D1 = Out time 1

E1 = Break time 1 (in minutes) - divide by 60 because we are working in minutes, then divide by 24 to convert to time format in excel - so divide by 1440

G1 = In time 2

H1 = Out time 2

I1 = Break time 2


I don't multiply by 24 - I just format row C,D,G,H and my total row as "Time"


and depending on the employee contract (ie permanent staff or casual), penalty if statements get tacked on the end too - and usually look like this:




If our time in on day 2 is less than 6 hours (6/24) after our time out on day 1 add two hours penalty (2/24)

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