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Strand 200: Can anyone help me with this problem please?


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I wonder if anyone can help me with the following problem:


We are using a Strand 200 lighting desk about twice a week for around 3 hours each session. The system is well established and has been working well for over a year. Very recently the console has decided to reboot itself without any apparent reason. On the first two occasions it came straight back on, but the last time this happened it stayed off and had to be manually rebooted. When the console reboots all DMX signals seem to momentarily jump back to 0 before, eventually, getting back to the scene that was showing before the reboot - this ofcourse means that the stage goes dark for a few seconds. Fortunately this hasn't happened during a life performance... yet!


Has anyone else encountered the same problem? Any ideas what it could be? I did think that perhaps it was overheating, but the temperature in the room is so low at the moment that I would be surprised if it was this.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.





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I haven't had this problem (yet), but I know a few people who have siad they have had this problem without me even mentioning the problem to them so your not on your own.


Might be worth trying wiping all the memories from the desk and defaulting everything to factory presets and see if that cures the problem. If not the desk may benefit from a service.

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