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Searched quite a bit. Forum search wasn't very useful...


Although I did find from google this: http://www.motherjones.com/riff_blog/archi..._punk_live.html

and this: http://www.xlvideo.com/pages/newsdetail.as...amp;NewsID=2077


I was wondering what would be used to control the Versa Tubes? Is it the Element Labs' controller, and even then what is used? Is it more a video product or lighting product?



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As detailed in the XLVideo article, the Versatubes are running from one of the Catalyst outputs. Therefore they are, essentially, a video device in this case, albeit one that is controlled from a lighting console. This is often an easier way to control large numbers of LED units, but not a requirement. They are still just another DMX fixture.
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Yes, it's from video output. There are two separate areas - one is the versatubes and the other is the led screen behind them.


To convert the video into DMX you use a media server - in this case Catalyst. You tell Catalyst where all the parts are in relation to a given area/resolution and it works out what information needs to be sent to which units.


Within the media server you have various 'layers', each of which can be some sort of video or image which can be changed via a lighting console in the same way you might change gobo on an automated fixture. These layers can be mixed and switched, also via the console, and can be sent to various outputs - here we have two. There are many other attributes that can be controlled from the console.



At the beginning of the video you can see some sort of moving red/white image which is being mapped onto the versatube output. There is other footage running on a separate layer going to the screen output. A short while later you see the versatube image changed to a black/white image. The images will have been pre defined in the media server and are then controlled live via the Hog just like a moving head.


All of this can be done without the media server but it would be difficult to program, requires the console to be able to handle large numbers of fixtures/channels and could need rather a lot of universes!

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