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Need advice on lavalier mic system


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Hi Guys


I am looking for some good lavalier mic systems. I don't want anything over £70. I have my eyes on the following system but dont know if its good for my needs:



My biggest concern is the mic will not pick up my voice, or atleast it wont be loud enough.. Some of my colleages want to get a vocal mic system but I dont like the idea of holding a mic whilst speaking..


We do lectures in rooms which can accomdate upto 120 people.

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With the utmost respect "good" and "£70" don't really belong in the same sentence about radio microphones. "Acceptably mediocre" starts at around £150, "good" starts at around £400 and "really good" at nearer the £1000 mark.


That said, I note your application is for lectures only (i.e. not music) and that, in a room holding only 120, the chances are your receiver can be pretty close to your transmitter. You should be able to get something that works. I can't comment on the example you linked to other than to say that the frequency it uses is legal in the UK...all too often the super cheap deals are on illegal frequencies so this is a good sign.


Re: your query about getting enough pickup from your voice, this is a realistic concern. How well it works will be a mix of the quality of the mic capsule itself (likely not much cop in a £70 kit) and how well you project. The amount of sound getting from your mouth to the mic is subject to a mathematical principle called the "inverse square law". Every time the distance doubles, the amount of sound hitting the mic is quartered. This also has repercussions in terms of the onset of feedback. This happens when the amplified sound arriving at the microphone from the speakers is around the same level as the unamplified sound from your voice.


If you know you speak softly and this will be an issue, perhaps you should consider a headset-style microphone which keeps the mic at a constant, close distance from your mouth. I know CPC have some systems featuring this style of mic in your sort of price bracket...I can't give any kind of personal recommendation but worth a look.



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Iv seen a couple of the DB systems in use.


In general the sound quality was nt that bad ,

Not in the league of your big boy`s senn , shure , sony etc


But for church / small lectures etc acceptable.


Id call it a cheap mans Trantec system, but for the money a

worth a punt.




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Works on 863.1 – 863.7 – 864.1 – 864.9 MHz frequencies according to Senn data sheet.



Yes, that's correct. The 863MHz - 865MHz band is license free in the UK and the range is quoted at 100 metres. On a quick test I found that it was at least that including a couple of intervening brick walls. The only problem may be other users in the locality but that doesn't happen here as we have 11 miles of open sea between us and the likely next venue.

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