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Visiting Technicians

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  1. 1. Do you ask to see H&S paperwork from visiting Technicians?

    • Always; everything we can think of.
    • Always, but just the basics. Ladders, lifting, Extinguishers, etc
    • Sometimes, sort of if we think of it.
    • Never

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I'm asking this one for our H&S bod.


She's raised the question of any visiting technicians and whether we check that they have say "Working At Height" training, or "Manual Handling". Now I know we don't ask, but the question is, do those of you who have venues that get shows in touring crew, do you check?


Please only answer if a) you manage a venue, or b) you visit or tour into venues and are affected by the question.


If you don't check tick boxes on bits of paper, do you appraise visitors?


I expect that the big houses, exhibition centres etc are much more likely to than small theatres or schools...

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I tend to check paperwork for fire certificates and risk assessments, but other than that I'll work with the crew and see what they are like. If I don't trust them to go up a ladder, they won't. Same goes for anything else. If they know what they are doing, I just let them get on with things.
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Depends on venue insurance I have found.


When I worked in a casino, where they were self insured, all shows required full risk assessment to be submitted to venue management within 3 days of the even, all use of EWP's required forms to be filled out in triplicate with proof of training etc.


Where I am now, no charter AV techs are allowed to use any of the WaH equipment - period. Part of the handover between technicians is meant to be training in the use of the boom lift, geni's and bosun's chairs, although it does not always happen.

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I expect that the big houses, exhibition centres etc are much more likely to than small theatres or schools...


My experience suggests the opposite might be more the case. (Well, I don't do any work in schools but small venues, leisure centres and the like - especially the council run ones.)

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Nope, never.


Why? Well, under Canadian law, I'm only responsible for people who actually work for me. Crazy, huh? Technically, I don't even have a legal responsibility to the audience! (Although I'd say I have a moral responsibility...)


Also: we don't let visiting techs do anything that can be sensibly certified: ie: use the scissor lift, hang very heavy things etc etc. Manual handling and "working at height" qualifications are poorly regulated and pretty much meaningless anyway.


And yes, the Head Techs are instructed to assess competance and permit work on that basis. Everything a visiting technician does is at our sufferance - if we judge them to be incapable (regardless of the paperwork they can produce) then they aren't allowed to do it.

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