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Hey Guys,


Our company is going through a new website design and im looking for some cool industry related websites to get some inspiration.


We are a full service production company, does anyone have or seen companies in our industry that have a really good looking website?


If you think you have a good one please let me know what it is so I can take a look.



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Translation: If you know of any good looking websites please let me know so I can steal the ideas and design of them?





Not really, im looking for some ideas to give to the designer, im not looking at copying them exactly, maybe take inspiration and look at layouts that suit my style. If I wanted a website that looked like everyone else's then I wouldn't be changing my current one. And I defiantly don't want one that looks like any competitors from my country.

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Hi Paul,


My advice to you would be don't concentrate solely on the look of your website. I'm not saying that it isn't important as many people will judge your company on how professional your site looks, but a website needs more than good looks.


Consider what information your clients and potential clients want to get from your website and make sure you make it available and try to minimise the number of clicks required to get the information - aim to be able to get to anywhere on your website in two clicks.


I find it useful to make a storyboard of the website showing how the navigation will work before the designer and code monkeys get to work.


Another bit of advice - avoid too much flashy whizzy animation unless it helps clarify or illustrate something that cannot be done using static images and text. Definately avoid those nasty flash landing pages with no info on them - so 90s! Your front page should be reserved for displaying what you think is the most important information your clients want or what you want them to know - special offers, good news etc.


And on the design front, your website should share a graphical style with any printed literature, signwriting on your ute etc etc.


As for websites to gain inspiration from, don't limit yourself to industry sites. I've always been a fan of Apple's website myself.



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When I visit a product site, I want to find what I need quickly, without fancy graphics. I have moved on from many websites with a flash intro which won't skip. I also hate sites that have a search feature that can't find anything. DIY ones are a good example. I search for the name of a product, I know it is called X, because the empty pot is sat next to me, so why can't I search for it and get a result? I have to go through pages and pages of junk to find it. If I search for bulbs, I might have meant lamps, so give me a "did you mean lamps?" button.

If you are a hire company, why not hotlink to the PDF manuals for all of the products you hire, so that the hirers can find a manual, even if they loose the copy you give to them.


I visit a few sites which have fancy graphics, and I watch the fancy intro, and am happy to sit there, but that is my choice, don't force it on me!


Edit, swapped a "t" for a "r"

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