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My employers would like me "to be trained to Noise Assessor standard by a reputable training provider"


Now I've found some providers of a week long course, "Certificate of Competence in Workplace Noise Risk Assessment" from the IoA website. Most seem to be hundreds of miles from me, of the two closer ones, one has not yet replied & the other no longer offers the course.


My question is, are there any other courses that you think would fit the bill; do I really need to do a whole week?



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Sat in a hotel in Brighton, at the Institute of Acoustics "Reproduced Sound" conference, I guess I have to say the 1 week IOA noise course is the one you need to take ;-)


Actually, it's very good, and gives you a mix of theory and practice in noise assessment. If your employers are paying, I'd jump at the opportunity!

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