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Budget 12" Powered Speakers

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Hello, im wondering if any blue roomers have any experience with the budget end of 12" powered speakers? I need a pair for multiple uses, small vocal PA, childrens disco's and just general Voice Amplification, so they dont need to be anything special!


I have heard the Peavey Pro 12P's, sounded fine for the Disco Music, although the cheap horn wasnt so hot for running any vocals through. Also have been advised that they are unreliable! Approx £400 pair


I have spotted some Warrior (W Audio) PSR 12A speakers at approx £360 a pair. The spec looks nice, especially the compression driver for the top end. Plus they include free padded bags, bonus for plastic cabs! Wondering if anyones heard them or used them? Theres no local dealers stocking this model which is a shame :(


I am looking for options, ive spotted the skytec ones and cant bring myself to even consider them!


Any help is appreciated, thanks

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I'm another fan of the dB Technologies speakers - but I'm not sure whether they are truly budget speakers. When I was looking at speakers I was also seriously considering the Studiospares Fortissimo range - but I was lucky enough to find the dB's cheaper than the equivalent Fortissimos.





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I have experience with the dB Fourty line and Fifty line. I was very impressed with the sound quality for the money that they cost.


I can't comment on the Opera system but I'm sure it would be good value for money.


In my experience of the dB systems, they sound good as long as you have lots of headroom.

The build quality is not good enough for me. The paint chips very easily and the components are cheap.


The dB Forty line system that I have used a few times is only 18 months old and there is lots of paint chips. It looks like it is five years old but it has been on the road 5 nights a week since it was new.

Some of the connectors on the amp have already been replaced, one of the speaker cabs has had to be repaired (the internal connection to the driver had become loose)


If I had to buy a budget system then I would get a dB system but I wouldn't buy a budget system myself.


Why not look for something a bit better that is second hand. That is what I would do.


I would suggest looking for second hand Martin Audio W2, they would be my first choice. Not sure how much they would cost second hand, probably out of your budget range.

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Also a fan of dB Technologies, although I only own an Opera Sub12 (diddy 400 watt 12" sub) and I am impressed given how little it cost. I can't speak much for the rest of their range, I haven't heard all of it, and what I have heard hasn't given me much of an indication.
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The ld systems 10" and 12" aren't bad all things considered the horn is, lets say, not hifi but a bit of dilligence with a decent eq can sort it out and there not too expensive.


( just realised what I was saying here, using a £600 graphic on a £300 pair of speakers to make them sound good :blink: )

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When I saw this post - my first reaction when I saw budget and active on the same line was this is a classic oxymoron.


Does budget mean £100 or £600?


Personally, I probably wouldn't be happy with any speaker which cost less than £300-400 per box, so hardly budget!? :blink:


I'd say stay away from Peavy - truly awful sound

Consider listening too FBT or the proel Verve or PSR speakers - rather nice for the money!


Have a listen and don't base any choice of speaker by the specs. or the offer of a free bag!! B-)

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We have a few of THESE at work and I have been very impressed by the. They sound pretty damn good I beleive they are bi amped. Never had one go wrong yet. And if they do go wrong studiospares sell all the spares for them.


Very good for the pice!

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Didn't Bruce buy a pair of these recently?

By all accounts they served him well.


Is it an absolute MUST to have powered cabs?


The 'jac' range from class d in Mansfield are pretty good for the money, these are passive, and only 10", but there is a package (in the link) for x2 cabs, x2 10m cables, and a c mark 300w+300w amp for £315.

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