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1/4 mono to mono


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Does anyone know where I can get some really small 1/4 inch mono to mono cables for a reasonable price?

I need them desperately as some have just been severed on my electronic drums. I have no idea where to find short ones and after hours of googling, have found nothing.




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The ones you'd expect to find on electronic drum kits will be longer than a foot. Maybe 6ft for the longest and perhaps as short as a foot for the shorter ones. Either way. CPC is a good start, to buy the bits, or the ready made cables.


Careful though. Some of them may well be TRS jacks to carry 2 control signals, Snares and cymbals are the likely candidates for this depending on the kit.



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Try Your Local Maplin Store order code YZ32 about 6 or 7 pound I think


Personally, I wouldn't buy any components from Maplins (with the exception of branded products - eg. "Neutric" etc.).

Most of their cables and connectors are horrible, cheap and nasty and don't have a long service life.

My advice........buy some good quality cable and plugs, and make your on custom leads up. More time consuming but a better and more reliable result in the long run!


Only my opinion!.........Cheers..........Brian :(

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