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Brainwave controll


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Came across this product today http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/ocz_...mpulse_actuator


Its a brainwave reader with a USB connector that you hook up to your PC. Using a software program you can calibrate it to do "keystrokes".

I can see this beeing great for gaming , but would this be usefull in anyway on a computerbased desk? To select groups, palettes, ques etc.


I think this is very intresting, but ofc would the problem of you thinking ahead in the show and your brainwaves trigering what you where thinking before you want it to. :D


Im most likely geting this device in a week or two to try it out for general use and gaming so will give a update on how it works then. If anyone else have tried it or have any opinions about how this could be usefull or not for controling lights in near or far future please give me your toughts about it.


Can also add that the price is around 160£

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But what's it going to do when your sat there during the show thinking im bored of this already , wot a pile of poo or shall I have pizza or kebab for dinner tonight?

However if it brings up the local kebab /pizza shops online ordering service on the desks monitor it maybe usefull

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