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Balanced mic cables


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I'm looking to buy about six microphone leads 3 or 6m, quickly, like tomorrow. (Saturday, 8th Nov)


Anyone know anywhere near Notts I can get them from?

I have looked on the maplin website, they are £7.99 (3m) and £9.99, (6m) but they look like they have cheap connectors.

All input welcome, should I buy the cable and connectors and make them up myself?

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Thanks Rich, but you are a bit far away.


Maybe my new topic is a long shot.

I can solder, but I fear I have left it too late, AGAIN.

Rehearsing new songs for tomorrow as I type............


I generally use neutrik connectors to make up my leads, but these can cost quite a bit, I need some mic cables for tomorrow, maybe I could make it to Newark * for a good price. <_<


* Mr Beech?

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PM Sent.


It's 2am, if I was at home I'd get the soldering iron out and make 6 up with Neutrik XX series for cheaper than Maplin want for whatever they use and John could pick them up tomorrow, however I'm not back until tomorrow but the PM gives him another option that won't cost any money at all for now.



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I'd just like to thank Rob and Rich for taking the time to offer asistance, there are some great lads on here. :up:


Went down really well at the gig last night, believe it or not the place was a caravan park!

Not sure I'd camp at this time of year, but it was a bonfire night weekend party type thing, and a good time was had by all, I hope!


Just out of interest, how often should cables, (XLR, speaker, jack- jack etc ) be changed?

Only when wear and tear is present?

Or periodically?

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Not bad, just the £20 in fuel it would cost plus the £15 ticket makes them chea.......oh no.. wait.


Yeah but I had to pay £4 for travel and my ticket was paid for. But not everyone had that... So I'm not really proving anyone wrong. Plus its full of guitarists and drummers and hardly any chance to hear different types of PA Speakers (which is why I went) ergh.

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