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$500 to spend on PC DMX control for a live band..


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Hi all -


I have €500 to spend and would really appreciate help with this..

- I need DMX control for min 24 channels; dimming, Morpheus Colorfaders (like scrollers) & a few other fixtures.

- A controller that will take MIDI triggers from my FCB1010 progrmmable MIDI footboard (call up chases, scenes, black-out, full ons, etc).


The behringer lc2412 desk that other MIDI users prefer won't work with my colorfaders (other cheap desks will but lack important MIDI functionality) so I'm looking at going the PC route. I have a laptop, and $500 to buy something like an Enttec USB Pro + sofware.

I've downloaded several application demo's, etc, but have read about 1.5 sec lsound to light latency using Win Vista & Freestyler, Chamsys needs it's own hardware to run MIDI and Sound-to-light, Lightfactory seems to lack in the MIDI dept... so I'm lost and if I buy the wrong hardware I'm screwed!


Can anyone recommend a complete setup that offers low-latency sound-to-light and good MIDI trigger control?


I'd be most greatful for any help :D .


TIA Enda08

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With Lightfactory, (and I say this as a user of the product, not a supplier :angry:) it is possible, though slightly clumsy (IMO) to use MIDI to trigger either shortcuts (which can be as in the below example) or trigger a "cue go".



1@100 FADE 2
30 GOBO D184 FADE 2
2/12@30 FADE 5


If that makes any sense... :D


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e2a: With regard to the midi control you need, Lightfactory will (as far as I know) only respond to note on or note off messages.

It is described in the other topics, but what degree of MIDI control do you need, and what will your controller be sending?

(someone with more time than I can probably quote/ explain better than I can :D)

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Thanks David :up: yea I was hoping for fader control via MIDI for dimming, chase speed control, etc, but it doesn't have to be a deal breaker I guess.

EDIT: I intend sending MIDI cc messages from the expression pedal on a Behringer FCB1010 pedalboard to control dimming, etc. and according to other posts this works with Pulsar Masterpiece desks and Behringer LC2412 desks (which unfortunately won't talk to my colorfaders..) I've been looking for a s/h Masterpiece for months now but have to give up at this point.


Sirrus :D I'm gonna check out that Hog3PC Suite straight away - ta!


Regards my sound-to-light expectations from a PC setup - are they realistic?

Will a PC setup respond to audio as fast as a hardware desk (assuming or course I have a quality audio interface with fast ASIO drivers, etc)? E.g. I would like to pulse some fixtures from a kick drum aux send..

Sorry for all the questions but dealers are making me feel like I'm from another planet when I ask about these issues!


FYI my setup is; 8 x Studio Beam HPL 575 (each with Morpheus Colorfaders), 8 x Par56 VNS, 2 x Martin SCX500, 2 LED Par, and a few other bits & pieces.


Ta again, Enda08

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If you want have a look at sweet light the app is free but the dongle costs £118 / $150.36(3) and you would need a good tiem to learn it and you can possibly get a splitter if you need to control other things


Sweetlight controls 100 DMX Channels and has most fixtures and you can add in your own fixtures.


I use it and it is simple but I'm still a begginer so check with everone else!!





Here is the link:



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try www.lanbox.com


full 512 channels , once programed you dont need the pc, sends and recives midi and can lisen to midi timecode.


dosent have sound to light strait out but connect add a £5.53 4 ch sound to light kit

to one of the 8 analouge io ins . it can also do up to 6 universes (3072 DMX channels) when you network 6 boxes also has DMX in can control anything DMX movers,led,and more ect. any questions just ask



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Thanks again for the help everyone :D nothing like multiple complex options & a pre-xmas deadline to focus the mind!


For now I've decided to go with an Enttec USB Pro/Lightfactory "Lite" to run colorfader scenes plus a Behringer LC2412 to run everything else (dimmer fades, chases, etc). The Berhinger FCB1010 footboard will hopefully trigger both controllers by allocating a relevant MIDI channel to the command layers on each preset patch. Looks like I'll need to up my budget next year for something better like HogPC3, Lanbox, or a Chamsys system with all the necessary audio/midi hardware bits!


Thanks again,


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I have an FCB1010 footboard I use to work a guitar processor - and have to say it is without doubt the second most complicated thing to programme I have ever done. In the end, I emailed behringer, explained what I wanted it to do and they emailed me very quickly back a message that said stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp, deatiling which bitton to prod or which controller to waggle - there were dozens of presses and I could not fathom out most of them, even trying to follow what the manual said. They got it working for me, but -wow! what a trial.
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