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funky smells!


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hi all,


does any body have any good cures for the funky/ fusty smell that gear takes on when its been stored some where that didnt turn out to be as dry as it first looked?


our singer -bless him- stored some speaker cabs, wooden guitar cases and a guitar amp in his garage and now I can't get rid of the smell that drifts from the gear,


I've tried fabreeze and air freshener but it just makes it stink of some thing else for a bit, then the fusty smell returns.


any help greatfully recieved.



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Suggested remedies for musty smells in rooms incude sprinking bicarbinate of soda over the item then hoovering off the next day (then repeat if smell persists).


Another involves putting a bowl of vinegar over a radiator for a day to spread the fumes around the room. Perhaps if you found a small room you could close the kit in for a day or so with a radiator and vinegar, this might work.


These all sound rather unusual but I suppose they might be worth trying.

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cheers guys,


I ve treid the bicarb on a leather jacket that started to get a bit wiffy and it did work to a certain extent, the viniger one sounds about right, Ive heard of poeple using it as a deoderant, hmm new lynx chip shop!

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