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Musical for special education school


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I have been asked by a friend who is a teacher in a Special Education & Resource Center aka Special needs school, to come up with some suggestions for the phyically lessable children (mainly teenagers) for a production for them to put on. Last year they did Annie Jr with great success. they would love to do something like Hairspray, something that has alot of dancing movement to get the kids involved with, as it can be tied in with their education. She has said that they have no problems getting licences for any muscial because of the type of institution they are.


All suggestions welcome.




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Check out the "musicline" stuff - it's a "musical in a box" - with scripts, staging hints, CDs with all backing tracks, piano scores up to full band orchestrations... and they can be adapted to accomodate either very small casts or "cast of thousands". Most of them are either based on well-known tales or fairy stories (pied piper of hamlyn, androcles and the lion etc) or rip-offs of other shows, but they're good fun for kids.


But if you've seen a few of them (my kids' primary school has done 10 of them over the last 10 years!) you'll realise that they're all a bit similar, and they're perhaps lacking a bit in the "plot" department. But good fun!



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