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I am looking to change the current hire stock of rostra which is currently wooden gates and lids to a 'steeldeck' module type system. I am currently thinking about metrodeck because it is quite light and easy to move. Steeldeck and ambideck are far to heavy for this purpose.

Rough spec -

6' x 4' sections,

easy enough to move as it might have to be carried up stairs into a venue,

robust as it will be used alot

The fewer the parts to the unit the better

I am looking to change the different types of rostra currently held in stock to a single type with which will be more versatile.

recommendations and company contact names would be very handy.


Many thanks

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Sadly much of the weight of the deck is in the ply covering - and if you want it to last well and go for birch ply, it'll weigh a fair bit more than a cheap ply covering. We recently bought a stock of Maltbury's Metrodeck and are pretty happy with it - Litestructures' light aluminum deck would be nice but it's somewhat more costly.

Another factor, what does your local hire company stock, in case you want to hire some more, compatible deck?

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