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Vehicle Choice Dilema


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On a normal licence you can drive a 3.5T (or 7.5T depending when you passed your test) van with a 750Kg trailer, But I did some work for a motorbike race team resently who had a transit like cab with a 5th wheel on it (which weighted 1.5T) and that was pulling 6750Kg trailer vosa said this was fine as it didn't go over the 7.5T + 750Kg limit! could this kind of situation help I no its very rare but?
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I have just purchased a 2004 316 sprinter as my company will always need a "white van" and this will do for the smaller deliveries and gigs. I realise that the payload is just over 1 tonne but it can pull up to 2 tonnes of trailor. With the extra 84 BHP I should be able to do more than 26 MPH up the 1 in 15 section of the M2 out of Belfast. :)


I will hire a 7.5T when necesssary for the next year and re-evaluate then.




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