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Alcora Fader Replacement


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I have a Zero 88 Alcora 12/24 Mk 1 Desk and some faders are missing. Been pulled off over the years due to mis/use. I have the faders still. Is there any way to put them back in? I've tried pushing them back in but they won't click back in. Is there something I'm missing?


Also do Zero 88 or somewhere sell spare faders at all?


Many Thanks in advance



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They don't click. They're just a pressure fit. It might be that the knob itself have been broken underneath.


And yes, spares are still available....


Red Fader Knobs - 5437000 £0.57

Blue Fader Knobs - 5438000 £0.57

Channel Faders - 4417000 £2.70


...from the last time I bought them earlier this year. You'll need to add VAT and carriage.

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