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Roland V Drums TD20 Controller


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Next weekend I will be working with a drummer who uses a Roland V kit with a TD20 controller.

There are 8 direct outputs on the back of the TD20. I plan to make a small sub-core with balanced jacks at one end and male XLR’s at the other then plugging directly into the multi (50m).

Has anybody tackled this in the same way, or am I going to need 8x DI channels?

BTW: I’ve looked though the user manual for the controller and can’t find any details of whether the o/p’s are balanced or unbalanced..

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Thanks for all your responses.


I made an unbalanced jack to XLR sub-loom and tried it out at a rehersal - connecting it to my desk via the normal multicore (L=70m+). The sound for live work was fine. Between numbers some background noise could be heard but in a live inviroment this should not be a problem. DI's are obviously the proper was to go though...



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