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I am trying to mount light units vertically up the sides of my stands, and have found what I believe the best option to be: O clamps. I had previously considered Supaclamps but didn't realise how expensive they were. My question is this: My stands have pole diameters of 30mm and 45mm, but I can only find O clamps available at 25mm, 38mm and 50mm. Is it possible to use a 25mm o-clamp and not fully close it to allow it to fit around the 30mm pipe, or will the clamp not work/be closed enough to stay shut? Otherwise, is it possible to use a 38mm clamp for the 30mm pipe and put in some sort of collar to make it hold?


Thanks in advance,


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I'd think carefully about this before you go further.


Normal stands are NOT built to take the stresses of side-mounted lanterns, even lightweights like par cans. You stand a very serious risk of unbalancing the stands if you do this.


What's wrong with a T-bar and bolts or standard clamps?

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I would also be concerned about crushing the wall of the tube if you decided to clamp to the upright part of the stand. 30mm is not very thick.


I would recommend a piece of scaff in a tank trap and then using standard half couplers on your lights. Of course be aware of the laws of physics and put plenty of weight on the tank trap to prevent the whole thing toppling over.



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