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What high chair/stool for mixing position?


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I'm looking for suggestions on what stool or chair to use for mixing at a desk that's designed with standing in mind.


The desk surface is 40", and you can add a few inches for the mixer. Above this the desk continues to 5 foot 2 inches (with built in outboard fx that sit above the mixer).


So... whilst I'm standing I can see well over the top (I'm 6 foot tall) but sitting in a chair I have no chance.


I'm estimating I need a chair that's around 88-98 cm (35-39") high.


(I tried a gas lift chair that claimed to be 88 cm, but after I sat on it it dropped quite a few inches - at 12 stone I'm not the heaviest person who'll be using it!!)


Any suggestions?

It doesn't have to be adjustable - just high and stable. Something with a back preferred.


I have seen this thread asking "standing or sitting?" but I didn't find much in it to suggest what such a chair would be called. "standing or sitting"



Alan G

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You may have another problem. My IKEA stool is 75cm high, which is quite a bit shy of the 88cm you need. But it's already too high for someone who is 5' tall to sit at comfortably (that's my wife - I'm 6'4"). I hope you don't have anyone much shorter than you who will also be mixing. Seems to me that you need both a tallish stool and a platform to go behind the mixer if you have much hope of working comfortably!


The IKEA stool is pretty good - it's an older version of the Franklin - be sure you get the higher version. It's only £19. http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/10126056

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Try searching for "Draughtsman's Chair or Stool".




You might want to keep an eye on your local engineering firm's skip - these chairs aren't so popular now that most draughtsmen are working on computer.





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I had a quick look in our slingsby catalogue - where we got ours from - most of the draughters chairs seem to go up to 780 or 800, which was enough for us.


they do something called a Sit-Stand stool - max 850, a Stand-Aid - 880, or a Stand-Up Seat - relieves 75% of body weight - at 960mm. reference number for this one is 329188DD2. there's also a Saddle Seat as used by hairdressers for maximum mobility which goes up to 850mm. useful if you're whizzing from end to end of a 48 channel non-digital desk....


we've got some of those IKEA high chairs, and they are great for short periods, but I wouldn't want to use them for long sessions - we sit the work experience bods on them when they are shadowing sound ops or DSMs - the staff get draughters chairs...

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