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MP3 recorder recommendations


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Am looking into purchasing a portable MP3 recorder for general use. Have read all the posts on Edirol r-09 vs zoom h4, but was wondering if anyone has any experience of the newer models (Olympus lm-10, Edirol R-09hr, Tascam DR1 etc)


Looking forward to any comment/advise.

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Not sure if this is what your after but.....


I use the Cowan iAudio 7 as a personal mp3 player as well as to record live shows using the jack input. THe input ca recored 128k WMA files.


I have the 8gb one and have no real problems with it.



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Any updates on this? What models have people bought recently.


There are some new very cheap models on the market now - in particular the Monacor/Stageline DPR-2000 at well under 100 pounds from CPC etc - has anyone used this or similar?


The 2x 1/4" jack inputs look useful, unfortunately they're unbalanced.


Real world experiences please, not brand bigotry... :)

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Very happy with my Zoom H2 which I picked up ex-display for £100 about nine months ago! A bargain! My main use is as a notebook during band rehearsals, and for live music recording, both of which it's dealt with admirably.



Nice & easy to use


Robust (with one small exception, see below)

You don't lose the recording if the batteries run out, it closes the recording gracefully before powering down.

A few hours recording from a pair of NiMH batteries

Choice of 90 or 120 degree stereo recording.

The surround recording is a bonus, though I've never used it.



Pre-amp hiss on very quiet sources - doesn't affect anything I'm doing

Poor design of SD cover door, prone to breaking. Called up Zoom for a spare and they sent me two FOC, so it must be an accepted problem!

Built in windshield relatively ineffective - shouldn't be a huge surprise.


It's by no means the best out there, but is a great budget buy. I'd want to try the Stageline cheapy before committing, in case the mics/pres are rubbish!


The better models will (generally) give you a better build quality, better mics/pres, XLR in/out.

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