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New (to me) Fat Frog


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Hi There,

Instead of posting a pile of questions that you fine folks have already answered, I have been perusing every inch of the forums here in search of a tutorial for the Fat Frog. Can someone post a link or email me a copy? Thanks in advance!

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I don't know of a tutorial to link to I'm afraid, however...


A few weeks ago I posted a couple of times regarding 'new user' Fat Frog questions. Both threads yielded many useful responses. Might be worth you having a read through as they may answer some of your own questions. (I'm in a rush, but can anyone link to these?).


Also, what kind of things are you wanting to do with the desk, and what desks have you used befrore? This info might allow others to give useful pointers.





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Hi there Skippy


Although a little out of date, this link provides a great beginners guide to the Fat Frog.


If you need any more in depth answers, please feel free to get in touch either on forum or directly at Zero 88 - 01633 838088 or pkirkup@zero88.com - I'm always happy to answer questions on the desks :huh:


Kind Regards,





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this was a frog online training program http://www.frogtraining.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/


However I just checked it and it not working. I will try to find out what has happened dto the link


Thank you all so much for the quick replies. I am definitely a novice user when it comes to anything more than an NSI lighting desk, but I am an electronics technolgist so I should be able to get my head around this eventually :huh:


I just added 48 channels of 2.4K dimming, 12 bars of 6 Par 64/1K's , a pile of S4's and some blinder backs to my inventory, plus I have 12 Trackspots and 12 Intellabeam 700's. Pretty old school, but effective in my little market here.


Our shows all generally have 18 to 24 pars, 4 blinders and 6 Ibeams on the back truss, 6 I beams on floor stands and 12 pars plus 6 or 8 S4's on the front truss. I may add the Trackspots on the floor for bigger shows where I can get more Ibeams on the back truss.


I do realize that is more than 12 movers....I'll just address them in identical pairs.



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This desk is one of the simplest desks around all you need to do is to pick up the basic features, and then your away, it isnt rocket science, its simple, get the quick start tutorial manual off the zero88 website, but only print off the quick start section because there is an awful lot of pages for the full manual. Also if you just play with the desk you will get used to it, and then your away. If you need to patch maybe print off the section about patching, but if you have an idea then your bound to be able to get to grips with this simple desk.



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Sorry for re-activating this really old topic, but I'm actually training some new members for our stage- and technique-team and we're using the Fat Frog, so this course seems to be a very useful help.

Now the problem: All the links are dead, could someone please re-host it or send it? Would be great to have this, as it could really help me training the kids. Thanks

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