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Any Sirius parts, Guys?


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Hi Guys,


My son's school recently asked me to help them upgrade to a more complex desk (they had a Zero88 Elara). However, after buying them a new Sirius board that was being flogged on ebay, I soon found out that the GM and one or two faders in one of the preset PCBs were completely shot.


To top it all, I nearly won a complete Sirius desk, (just the PCBs), on ebay but someone outbid me. It was only going for about £15!


So, if anyone has any old fader sets or Sirius parts that they dont need anymore then I would be very grateful.

Also we are missing the XLR 12v 5w gooseneck lamp but I wont ask for too much!




PS I am located in Ryde, Isle of Wight (South England), but can collect from further up, possibly Scotland.


Thanks again!

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Hi helgrind


Give us a call at Zero 88 on 01633 838088 and ask to speak to Keith. Keith will be able to talk you through the availability of the parts and anything else you need.



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