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Tascam DVD 01U


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So, I'm about to buy a Tascam DVD-01U as our DVD player has crapped out entirely.


Two quick questions, if anyone here has one:

Is it any use? I very much like the CD-01U, but is the DVD version as good?


Does it play CDs? I was going to buy a CD-01U as well for those "we need a second CD player" moments...but realised for occasional use, maybe I can get away with just the one?

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My company has several of these units which are used on some of conference gigs for bluechip clients and they have never let us down. they work like a dream and it is also possible to hind the annoying on screen displays of play and pause that you get with most cheaper dvd players. This unit also works as a cd player but the Tascam CD-01U has many more benefits if its just a cd player you are after.





I would recommend these units to anyone and are well worth the money.


Any more info you might need drop me a pm and ill look into it for you.




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I've also been considering going down the 1U Tascam CD/DVD route.


My only question is does either unit have a single track function?

E.g. when it gets to the end of the track it stops. (Essential for Backing tracks & sound effects etc)


I'm glad you mentioned about the On Screen Display switch as thats definately a bonus.



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