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JBL Speakers


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Has anyone used a pair of JBL SR4735A speakers (3-way, Full Range)? I've been offered a good deal on some ex-demo ones, as we're looking to replace our 4 ASS 300wpc boxes. My questions are:


Are they any good? (Obviously)

Does anyone know their dispersion angle (can't find it on the net)? Ie: we use four ASS boxes (EV sx300 copies..kind of) at present, plus EAW subs...the room is 10m wide and about 20m deep (tiny!) will they cover ok in there?

Finally, will they go well with our EAW subs?


Obviously, I'll listen to them first, but I'm not going to arrange a demo if they're not going to do the job.




We do mostly Jazz, some world and a very little rock stuff..

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I know of the range of speakers, qute nice, though definately not a true full range box. 70 x 50 coverage if I can remember ok.

What EAW subs have you got?

Most importantly what will you be driving them with, and controlling them with?

What height are they going to be flown at? And where will they be flown?

What sort of spl levels are you looking for?


Let me know the details and I can tell you more.

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Thanks Owen.


I have EAW SB250 subs (2x15")


Control is A&H GL3, through BSS Opal Graphics, to Crest CA6 amps


Probably not flown...stands or even just sat on the bass cabs is more likely.


SPL? Not sure...that's a bit like asking how many Candela I intend to get out of my Lx design :D ... seriously, though, never really get that technical - the room is 10m wide, x 20m long, with a 15m ceiling, and we're aiming for reasonably loud...not earthshaking.



In the end we demoed them anyway...they sounded good, but one of the 8" drivers blew (we really weren't thrashing them) and now I'm worried. I also have a pair of Control 10s that we've all but given up on due to the HF drivers going every 5 minutes, so does anyone know if the 8" JBL drivers are as fragile as the Control 10 HF drivers, or was I just unlucky?

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The JBL Control 5's & 10's are notorious for blowing the hf even if you aren't over driving them... I have added a link to the spec for the JBl's that you are looking at, they are a 90x40 degree cover which should be fine but I feel that a 99db spl is a bit low powered to go with the subs that you already have. A good match would be the EAW KF300's but they are probably too expensive, I think I have already suggested SX200/300's in a previous thread, Peter



JBL SR4735A Specification

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