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Jands Event 24


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Hi all,

I've been given a Jands Event 24 to play with for a show in a weeks time. Having not had much experience with many lighting desks (soundie at heart), I was hoping someone could point me to or supply me with the offline editor for said desk. I've heard it's discontinued, but I'd really like a play around, so I'm not in the dark (pun not intended) come the show. Can anyone help here?



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There's a manual here.


They're pretty straight forward desks - if memory serves me correctly (and its the same as its 60 channel brother) setting a submaster is simply a case of setting the preset on one of the banks, holding down the red record button, and hitting the flash -key of the submaster you want to use.


Chases are described in the manual. Enjoy :)

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