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Urgent reverb help needed


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Hi guys , just been given a new peavey fx unit to use on the vocals of a band im mixing sound for , its a Peavey DELTAFEX ?


whats type of reverb would be best for rock / indi vocals ?? ie


ie , plate , chamber , chorus etc ,, which one wud u guys reccomend using ?



help needed asap for tonight :P



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As already said, I can't see how you'll get a definite answer to this, there's no hard and fast rule about "use x effect for y". If I were you I'd have a fiddle around with the different effects in soundcheck if you feel they're needed, and settle on one which you think sounds best.
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Just my 2p..

A delay, around 350ms sounds great for rock, (not too much on the regen) maybe a medium length reverb for ballads.(try to find a plate which picks up top end only)


Come on, Matt is just asking for opinions from the members on here who could offer advice, lets not close his topic just because its not deemed fit to

be asked.


John Denim.

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