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Flaming robe


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Alright. Let me start by saying thank to everyone who bothered reading this. I'm very exited to have found this forum. Basicaly I need to make it appear as if a girl is on fire. The idea is to do this through a special robe of some kind. (think of the holocuast clock form the princess bride if you're farmilair with it). It's a high school group and thus low-low budjet. The best idea we've gotten so far is to make a robe out of orange/red and black cray paper. Then place a few small strobe light under her giving a cheesy fire effect.


If you have any better ideas I'd love to hear them,

Thanks a lot!

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Here is one use very White clock material silk may be, and a American DJ FireFox

Simulated Flame Effect light on it that should do it. Great for projection lighting where fog can’t be used.

. Lamp: LL EFP 12V 100W

. Dimensions: 10.71 x 7.16 x 9.49 in. 272mm x 182mm x 241mm

. Weight: 3.9 lbs. [1.7 kg]

Cost app. $99.00 U.S. C.



Add some smoke and you got it!



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With a skillful combination of wardrobe and LED electrical skills a costume offering some (light) diffusion and some flickering LEDs AND if appropriate a small fan system and some fluttering silks would offer some "out of outline" "flames.
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Project project project - absolutly no question in this instance.


Have her wearing white (experiment to find a good surface to project on to) and then project on to her either using one of the flame projectors referenced or just use a data projector with a suitable flame image / animation (2 slightly different still images of flames fading between eachother) it's simple but amazingly effective.

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