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wholehog 3 training courses

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hi BR,

does anyone know where I can do a wholehog 3 training course. I have tried google, but found nothing. Stage electrics website dont show any coming up. neither do white light. Any company or even person in the liverpool area would be helpful!




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Stage electrics do do a Hog IPC course, which should have been on today, but has been cancelled. It might be worth geting in touch with them about weather its going to be rescheduled, I know the course was full, but if they do chage the date some places might open up.


White light have also just had their Hog level 1 course on, which was on the 7th april. Their lever 2 course is next month by the looks of it.


PI-digital do a Hog course too, I was hopeing that they would be runing it this month, but I'm on the mailing list to recive infomation about it, and I've recived so far.


The Stage electrics and PI-Digital courses are free, (although PI-Digital will charge a £100 canellation fee if you don't show up... or you cancel).


I'm also trying to find a Hog course, if I do find out anything other than what I've already said, I'll let you know (and if you could do the same I'd be really greatful!)

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