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Hi folks,

I have applied for a BTECH N.D. at my local collage, just a couple of questions

1) What path's did people take after collage {before uni or what ever}

2) The person at the intervew said about that this side of the industry{light, sound, etc} has a supply shortage of people. All I was wondering is that: is this true or was she just selling me the course? ;)

3) How many people have, did have, or are expecting scholarships from companies/collages to do further courses?



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In my opinion there are no shortages in the industry.


I guess the BTEC is theatre related but in which field?


There are degree level courses that you can apply for that can assist you in your dream to work in theatre. such colleges include


Rose Bruford College

Royal welsh college of music and drama

Central school of speech and drama


and so on!


Other ways of getting into the industry are to find a contact within the relevant field and get work through that person. Its all about who you know.


Many argue about which is the right path, Higher level or straight into the work. I chose Higher level as they can help you gain contacts and increase your knowledge of theatre practice giving you a degree at the end. Going straight into the wide world of theatre can be difficult unless you happen to be at the right place at the right time and land yourself and tidy job.


Try to get a bit of experience wherever you can, I don't know what you have but the more the better.


And finally, Good Luck. ;)

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