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x-spot xteme vs Studio Spot 575


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Just looking for some advice...


How noisy are the fans in the x-spots?


I have low LX bars (4.30 meter high), Currently biggest fixture's are martin roboscans 918s.. Will the x-spots look really stupid.




The studio spot 575 is much smaller, has no fans... but what are your views in regards to using them in theatre... i.e. colours are the gobo any good or are they just pop show gobo's?



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The Studio Spots are great for theatre, they are silent running as im sure you know, the gobos are as good as they are in any moving head, I would look at the CMY version as that would help you with colours but I would certainly choose it over the Xspot.


Also worth knowing that the Studio Spot is very easy to service and repair should you need to, still one of the easiest lights to service ever made and of course you can always get the Studio Colours that match in a rig perfectly for washes.





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The difference in physical size is minimal - the X-Spot is 814mm long and the Studio Spot is 714mm long - but both will be pretty large and obtrusive if the grid is at 4.3m!


However, another consideration is beam angle. The Studio Spot has a maximum beam angle of 30º, where the X-spot will go to 48º. (Both with the widest lens options.)


So, it's a toss-up between functionality or quietness. I'd suggest getting one of each in before deciding - you need to see (and hear) it in your space.

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