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LED Colour Changers

Steve Cavill

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Hi guys,


Pretty simple really...


I'm looking for a bunch cheap and cheerful colour changing LED's for an install I'd like to do.


Thing is..I need to be able to control them via DMX, so I can wash the venue out in 1 colour, or multiple...


I've been told Design Intervention use a "cheese board" type, where you just snap off however many you need, but thats all I know, nothing about what PSU they need or anything.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.




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How you going to mount them?


How big is the space?


Nothing is cheaper than LED par cans if thats acceptable in some areas.


RGB linear strip and MR16 sized lamps are next up usuallty with external drivers.


If its its a larger space you may need to move up to high power LED and price takes a fairly steep hike.

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The room isnt massive, 10m wide by 15m long maximum.


Looking to use them around the DJ box to start off with, where small MR16 lamps would come in useful, then behind the bars to wash walls where strips maybe better, along with the front of the bars with MR16's.


Do you have any links to the MR16 version and suitable controller?


Mounting the MR16 version on the front of the DJ box will probably be a recessed hole in the step, covered over with some plexi glass or similar...

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Hi Steve,

I've never been let down by tryka (www.tryka.co.uk) they're not the cheapest but I've done 2 hotel install's that are nearly 5 year's old and not had a service call to yet! Duralight (via EV) have brought out some rgb mixing strips with remotes but I have'nt tried them out yet if they are anything like the static led's that they make that's a cheap RELIABLE option. The AVR system is nice as is the Pulsar but I suspect price will be an issue, most 3 way (rgb) systems can be made to run DMX via a generic 3 channel DMX drive board it just depend's if you want an "all in one solution" or a custom self designed system

hope this helps

Kind Regards


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as the guys have said led par cans are cheap and cheerfull, I saw a company knocking them out at under 50 quid for a DMX par 56 this week!


<_< showtec B-) do some ok led bars which are about 600 quid a chuck, 1m long, nice and bright


perfect for big wall wash or even room wash, and they come with all the mounting feet



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