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bodging a scanner into a moving mirror projector?


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This sort of straddles video and lighting, but probably needs more lighting knowledge. Basically, I'm wondering if it's feasible to take a DMX scanner - say a martin 812 or 218 for example, as they're pretty common - and rip out pretty much everything but the PSU, control board and mirror, then attach the remaining bits to a video projector to make a cheap moving mirror projector.


Now, obviously it would be a lot of hassle and there are "proper" solutions to this problem, but I'm looking at this for a personal project and I may be able to acquire broken scanners cheaply.


The aim isn't to make something good enough that you could use it for a corporate or theatre show, but rather to make a nifty VJ effect for a gig or nightclub.

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I have used the mirror unit from a Golden Scan as DMX bandit suggested. The reason we chose a Golden Scan was because the mirror unit is easily detachable and is connected to the unit via 8-pin DIN. So we positioned the scan body itself out the way in the wings and just ran an 8-pin DIN extension from the scan to the mirror unit. Worked well for the effect we were looking for.


Still not the most lightweight or compact of solutions, particularly if you had to setup regularly. If you keep your eye out though you should be able to pick up a used Golden Scan 3 or similar for a reasonable price.

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