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help with pulsar masterpiece


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hi all I have got a masterpiece 108 and 2 claypaky hpi scanners . I am attempting to progam masterpiece , I have managed to do the first 19 movements on the keypads but I cannot fathom out how to make a music chase and get it to save , any help would be great . and tell me like you would a 5 year old thanks ** laughs out loud ** dj roy
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To make a music chase you need to make sure you have a signal from the sound desk to the lighting desk (example being an XLR out from an output matrix to a stereo jack into the lighting desk)

You could use a microphone into the back of the desk but this is not precise enough.


If you know how to make a chase then you need to go back to where you made the chase.

For example, if you made a chase using C1.1, turn it on to activate it. Now in the chase control section, you will notice that the CHASE SOURCE STEP should be in AUTO. Press this twice to change the LED to TREBLE or again to change to BASS. These are what you need for a sound to light chase. Make sure the CHASE TYPE button is in REPEAT otherwise your effect will cycle through only once.


The faders next to that now control the speed at which the music drives the chase and whether it snaps or fades from one step to another.


If you have used the Shape Generator, your movements and other attributes especially in normal automatic mode will look alot better with complex effects created with minimum scenes and effort.


Finally, if you want to turn lots of chases on at once, put them into an Environment button by first turning on the required chases then pressing SAVE ENVIRONMENT... > press E1.1 and there you have several chases turned on from one button.

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