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adding another monitor mix


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hi I have an allen and heath 16.2 mixing desk it has 4 monitor mixes available on it as I am a complete novice can any one tell me how I can run a seperate monitor mix to my deaf piano player without it affecting the monitor it is linked to ( that is making us all deaf )



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are you using auxes 5/6 for anything? you can swap those to pre fade if not, and that gives you 6 monitor mixes to play with <_<



But IIRC, they are selectable as a pair. By default aux 3 and 4 are on the switch, this can be altered internally to 5 and 6 or 1 and 2. SO, if you want to run 5 monitors and the internal fx. One would have to suffer.



I'm not so sure what the op is trying to acheive. It's been left quite open and there are a few ways of reading it. So until we know more it's not easy to say but I read it the same way Paul did, and if this is the case he's correct.


There are other options to gain "aux outs" on desks but whether these are pre or post fade depend entirely on the desk and its switching facilities (both extenral switches and internal jumpers). For example, a small rack mixer from direct outs can send <**> channels to another mix. where ** determines the number of channels on the rack mixer, usually 8. Whether it is pre or post fade depends entirely on whether the direct out is pre or post fade.


This signal can be split a useable number of times to create extras.




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