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Black bolt sets


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I'm looking to buy good value M10 and M12 black bolt sets (i.e. Bolts, washers, spring washers, nylocks, hex nuts and wingnuts). However I cannot find anyone who sells them accept Stage Electrics, who are very expensive. I need about 200 of each.


I have tried CPC, Flints, Thomann, Screwfix and others without luck.


Can anyone help?

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At present we (Pearce Hire) just use a local supplier and they offer all manner of options, including different both natural finish and black. There's not a massive price difference either. I would suggest that you have a look locally and find a local company. For reference here is a link to our local Nut and Bolt place.





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Stage Electrics sell complete bolt sets in black...

You get a bolt, two washers, a split washer a hex bolt and a wing nut...all in black.


Sorry did not read all the OP.....must take time to read post's in the future... My apologies.

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