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help needed please


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hi all

need some help please

I have been asked if their is a way of turning a left and right XLR feed into 2 left 2 right and a mono

no I figured that it may be possible to simply build a 3way split and then conbine the third output of both but am worred that I will end up with 5 mono outputsif I do this.

so what im asking is will I keep a sterio feed if I combine the third out from each and if not how can I do this. will putting resitors in work and if so where.


there is NO budget so I have to make what ever were going to use (I had sugested something along the line of and XTA 226 but was told no)


I did try and search the site but couldnt find anything so if there is please just direct me to that.

I hope I have put up enough info

many thanks

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What, prcisely, is the need for this split?

Most small to mid-range mixing desks will have the capacity to do exactly what you need with comparitive ease - eg use the master o/p, a pair of sub groups for the second stereo and an aux out to run the combined 'mono' out.


More input, please...

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sorry should have put more in

this is for when visiting acts come to our venue and just give us a left right feed. we need to split this into a left top left sub, centre (mono) right top right sub as it will normally be driven by an MC7L using matrix outs. im from coperate sound so still getting my head around theatre (I would just use a an XTA 226 and audiocore but oh well) budgets are what they are and there isnt one for this so I have to make it not buy it. so I can get a few resistors or chips but other wise I have to make it from stock. fun huh


have read the other thread and although it makes sence my brain cannot compute. MERVAKA mentioned "a quad opamp chip" would this work and if so how do I wire it?


the other thing that has been sugested by some one is a diode again is this an option.


thanks everybody I know how most kit works and I can build cables and stuff but when I comes to this sort of thing I really regret droping out of uni.

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