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Marshall 9200 power amp conversion


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I have a Marshall 9200 Dual Monobloc power amp that is poorly, I'm taking it in for repair but wondered if anyone knows if it can be converted from it's current 6L6 valves to EL34's? Ideally I would like to keep on side as 6L6 and the other side as EL34.


Thanks for any help :P


Best regards,



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This takes me back to the old 35mm Marconi film recorders in Lime Grove. Wonderful machines.


The answer is yes you can but there are a couple of caveats.


1. The EL34 needs 1.5A of heater current against 0.9A for the 6L6. So you will need to check the rating of the heater supply.


2. When they designed the EL34, Mullard separated the third grid to pin 1, for better linearity. So, you'll need to connect pin 1 on the octal base to pin 8.


You could try swapping a pair of KT66 for the 6L6. No wiring mods required, but the warning 1 above still applies as the heater current is 1.3A.


The data sheets for most common valves can be found here.




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Thanks for that boatman :P


I've just e-mailed Marshall with a request for that information, hopefully they'll get back to me this time.


I'm taking the amp in for repair tomorrow, I hope my tech can sort me out.





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