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Crown Amp Repair and Chevin Amps


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Can any body reccomend any where in liverpool or warrington area I can get my crown Macrotech repaired.



Its dead on one side - any common faults I can check myself ??


Also can you tell me what your views are on Chevin Research amps.


A Series (1000 & 2000)


Have u used them, good or bad ?



Considering buying some , they appear to very very light .


Thanks ;)

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I've got a Chevin A3000. It does exactly what it says on the tin and has done so faultlessly for about five years now. Sounds great - when I was auditioning amps I was comparing it with an EV (not sure of the model) which had no control at all at the bottom end (salesman described it as a "lazy" amp) but with the Chevin, everything was there as it should have been. It's really light, which is always nice. I believe they're generally well thought of.
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