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Cheap hire on Pearl 2004


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I'm a student at The BRIT School

I have got allot of equipment free already but the company I got it free from already had their Pearl on hire

We already have a 9 year old ADB Phoenix which won't quite cut it with what I want to do


Can anyone help me?

My budget is £200 for the desk

I need it from the 5Th of February to the 15Th

We're Based around Croydon



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Does it have to be a 2004 model, or just running 2004 software?! That will open up your possibilities a lot.


I would think that for £200 you might just persuade a hire company's arm to be twisted. Does that include VAT?


If you're in Croydon, I would probably give Avolites themselves a ring.


As a pure example, Enlightened in Bath list a 2000 for £195 and a 2004 for £225 (+VAT and del.)

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Cheers everyone


I happen to have mentioned it to a friend of mine who's old school has just invested in a Pearl 2008 and are willing to give it too me for free!

buying new scrollers with the excess money! lovely!!



I will keep this advise in mind for the future though!! thanks very much

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Oh go on................... let me twist YOUR arm and we'll hire you a Vista instead for the same money.


Once you've used the Vista you may never, EVER want to use a Pearl again ;)


ps. we're only 4 miles away so nice and handy, we'll even throw in some training for you also.

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Funny. That's most definitely not the impression I walked away with from Plasa. Quite the opposite in fact.


Not looking to start another debate here but it's just not that clear-cut IMO. And that applies to all the main consoles, not just Vista. There is no perfect one. It all depends on personal preference for programming/operation and the application.

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