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I need to identify this driver.


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Hi all,


I have just purchased four Mid/Top cabs, they have a 15" driver and compression. It is the 15" driver that has very little information on it and I could really do with knowing more about the driver!


It is a cast aly basket (painted black) and the only info on it is a small sticker on the side of the magnet, on the sticker (which looks like it was put on by the manufacturer) it has the following numbers letters:







4 Ohm


G-1 (or G.1)


If anyone knows the manufacturer or any info on these drivers that would be great.



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I'd suspect that's a custom driver. Even if you identfy the manufacturer, it may not be a standard unit.


That would explain the lack of info on the driver but these mid/top cabs were custom made a few years ago and I would have thourght that whoever made them would have loaded them with off the shelf drivers?



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