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What is a horizode?


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I have today received a Technical Rider from a Theatre Company from Belgium touring in Wales.

Their tech rider states that they need us to provide a 'Horizode'.

With my limited French (apart from the "Excuse my..." ) I'm at a loss.

Done the usual searches, and now, I'm at your mercy.

I've e.mailed the company, and am awaiting a reply.





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My french is far from perfect, but as far as I can make out it's a simple flood or cyc wash, with symmetric output


Googling, and pasting into Babelfish gives:


The cycliode: The cycliode is a lamp tungsten projector or halogen with open face with reflectors symmetrical (which produces an edge Net), which is worth sometimes the name to him of horizode, or asymmetrical (fuzzy edge). Conceived to light cycloramas, it can be used out of battery to diffuse a harmonious light on a great surface, by projection or rétroprojection. The only adjustments are the distance from the projector, the side and the tilt.


See also http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Projecteurs_(spectacle) and http://www.pariscene.fr/BE2A69DA-785D-43A3...h%202006%20.pdf


The latter is particularly illuminating (sorry!) for non-french-speakers, as it has pictures!

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From what I understand from your posting the company is looking for symetric flood lights - Sometimes the use of the terms in French is not completly regulated, and may vary to local use of the word. So according to my colleagues, who speak perfect French, they may use this word for asymetric flood lights and take what they have available on their stock. If you have a lighting plan, this may help to understand their need.


BTW: - We use for our products: "Armatures de Cyclorama" or "Armatures d'horizon symetrique" for true Cyclorama units and "Armatures d'ambiance symetrique" for symetrical flood or wash lights.


In case you need some help with the Belgium company apparantly from the French speaking part of Belgium, then please let me know. Maybe we can help.


Larry Busch

ADB-TTV Technologies


Your Partner for Light




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