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2nd audio input for camcorder


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I'm using a canon xl1s, and want to know how I would record from 2 different mikes to the same tape. Essentially the directional mike is very good, and doesn't pick up someone stood at the side of the camera and I need both sound sources picked up, so I'm hoping it's easy to do this.


Do all I need to do is but a mike with an RCA jack and stick it into the Audio 2 inputs?


Can someone help me out with this. Cheers

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There are (or at least were) shoulder mount adapters for the XL1s which gives you up to four XLR inputs that will accept line or mic level. By far the easiest way of working with that camera. I'm not convinced (although I stand to be corrected) that the phono inputs will accept a mic level input. It's been a couple of years since I used that camera but I can dig it out & experiment on it if you've got any particular questions...
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