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Sound proofing a studo, where to start.


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Hi, I currently work in a school with a recording studio I the music dept.


The studio has been there for some time and was obviously done by someone with no idea.


the main room doubles as a rehearsal room, there is also a control room and a booth.


the room was origionally one, and the partitions for the control and booth only go up to the suspended ceiling, hence sound spills over the top.

there is no sound proofing whatsoever, and the echo/reverb in the room is terrible.


I am thinking a the moment the first thing is to get the walls made properly up to the ceiling, and windows replaced with double glazed, rather than the current single.


After that, Im a bit stuck as to the priority to give things, We wil be getting quotes to have the work done, but may not be able to afford all of it, so where do I need to prioritise?


any help gratefully received.

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I think I would start here....


The threads so far have been for commercial rehearsal spaces, home studios etc. Given that there are a set of standards for new works in schools, I'd suggest finding someone who can carry out the works to that standard (however flawed the standard may be!), and to have a consultant who will verify that the work meets the standard. The latter part is crucial, since without it, a builder can simply say "well I made the wall higher like you said mate, it's not my fault that you can still hear the drum kit next door...".


That will help deal with the issue of noise transmission. The RT60 of the space itself needs to be dealt with separately.



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thanks, that last bit is going to take a bit of reading.


I did use the seach, but want to know what people thought would be the most important bit first, ie spill into the contol room is annoying, but isnt going to be that detrimental to a recording the same way spill into the vocal booth is.

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The threads so far have been for commercial rehearsal spaces, home studios etc.


I notice that the new Studioschemes website (that I mentioned in my last post) now has an education section. If you think that a professional solution is beyond your budget then you really ought to talk to them.





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