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PLASA08 - Free Tickets


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This has been mentioned before, but I can't for the life of me find the topic. I can only assume it was removed, and that there must have been a reason for this so if this is the case I can't see this one staying either. You can of course be excused for posting it if the other one no longer exists and you didn't see it when it did.
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I know it's very much ahead of time, but currently on the Plasa Show website, free tickets for this years PLASA show are available until the 31st of January

Nick Hollett



Errr... The link was to register interest in exibition space.... I must say, it was not till I got to the bottom of the page that I realised, when it asked me what stand size I would like...


Steve :stagecrew:

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It is now quite obvious that some people can't read.


Perhaps we should start a website which says "Get £1 million quid". On the page, the top line quite obviously says "Click here to receive your £1 million." Underneath is a form, which says "Fill in this form to pay us £1 million." I wonder how many people would fill in the form without reading the page properly. :) FFS!

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