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Cat5 Multicore


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Everything seems to be going the way of Cat5 at the moment.


It is getting to the point at work where we are running out of cat5 points on the floor, close to where we set up our control. Each wall box has 4 cat5 points, and they are all used up by our audio drive rack (Cobranet primary, secondary, Soundweb lan and PC). For LX, I drop a taped up loom with 2 Cat5's and 3 DMX leads, out of one of our bio boxes to our control on the floor, and vision usually unplug one of the sound cat5 lines when the sound guys are not looking for their magenta feed.


We are also getting digital matrix comms units in more frequently. So basically, we need a cat5 multcore, one that is durable. In the past, we have bought 100m of cat5 eurocable and created 4 long cat5's and loomed them, terminating it in the patchbay, with ethercons on the other end. The problem is they cannot really cope with the stress of being pulled up and down chutes, frequently figure8'ed etc. The last one lasted less than a month before it started to become unreliable.


What I really want to make is a cat5 breakout box, and a muticore, using some form of multipin connector (maybe VDC), that bit shouldn't be too hard, but I have no idea where I would find durable multicore cat5 grade cable.


Any help on this endeavor would be appreciated.

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