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The worldwide ban on the incandescents


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Australia, the USA and other countries have passed a law to ban incandescent bulbs. a lot of countries are considering the same in favor of compact fluorescents. (here in Belgium it will happen too)


to me this is just stupid. it's like telling a painter he can't use a certain color of paint. the power consumption is the reason they want to ban these. but every house is loaded with power eating luxury. also those fluorescents are flickering, not dimmable and have an ugly spectrum.


but what bothers me most is the fact that they take away one of the lighting designers tools. alltough the classic light bulb isn't used that much on stage I wouldn't want to miss them. and where will the line be? no more halogen either? or ridiculously expensive halogens and incandescent bulbs?


so what's your opinion on this?

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